Hairdressers across Amesbury, Tidworth and Ludgershall come together to get through pandemic and support NHS

“WE can’t wait to do your treatments again, please stay home, please stay safe” is the message put out by a group of hairdressers who have put competition aside to help each other get through the pandemic.

In this particularly challenging time, hair salons in Amesbury, Tidworth and Ludgershall have come together as one big group to promote each other’s business and commit to National Hair Sunday – an initiative that will see them offer free treatments to NHS staff the first Sunday after the lockdown is lifted.

oanna Cucurullo, of Hair by Joanna on Amesbury’s High Street, is just one of the businesses who has decided to take part.

She says the idea is to “give something back” to those on the front-line while pulling together as a group.

“Everyone wants to do something to help, which is fantastic. It’s about time we all worked together.

“Even if we don’t all know each other we advertise each other’s salon, we’re going to get together at Christmas and we’ve registered for National Hair Sunday to give a free hair-do for NHS staff.”

Anna Nikola, of Simply Beautiful in Muscott Close, Tidworth, came up with the idea of getting everyone pictured together to share their message of support.

“We all have mutual clients, so for them to see faces that they recognise all together from the same community sending out a message puts out positivity with a strong meaning behind it,” she said.

As all salons were ordered to shut to contain the spread of the virus, hairdressers have been left with little to no income coming in.

But by coming together, 50-year-old mum-of-two Joanna says hairdressers in the area will be able to support each other not just during, but also after the pandemic.

“Hairdressers don’t usually get on but this is the turn, this is what should happen,” she said.

“We can’t make clients come through our door because it’s their choice so we’ve got to work together.

“If someone comes into my salon and it’s full I can send them to another one and if they go to a salon and they’re full, they can send them to me.

If we run out of colour we can borrow it off each other and if a salon has to shut as a result of this, which I really hope won’t be the case, they’ll have a job somewhere else. We’ve given each other a guarantee.”

Featured in the picture are:

  • Cherrie Satta, of Satta Styles
  • Emma Louise West, of Emma Louise West Hair Stylist
  • Holli Sugden, of Beauty By Dolls
  • Tara, of Fairy Beauty
  • Daniela Jennings, of Tidworth Eyelash Stylist
  • Natalie Greenhalgh, of The Beauty Lounge
  • Gemma Riste, of The Beauty Lounge
  • Natalie Lund, of Bespoke Hair Tidworth
  • Adrienne Toon, of Karma
  • Charlotte, of LM Lashes
  • Lisa Dunkerley, of Tanning Beauty Boutique
  • Joanna Cucurullo, of Hair By Joanna
  • Anna Nikola, of Simply Beautiful
  • Karmel, of Karma
  • Natasha Marsh, of Tasha’s Hair Dressing
  • Katy Man, of Nix Hair & Beauty

Reference: Salisbury Journal


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